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Jungle Jim Movie Collection 2


Following the success of his role as Tarzan, Johnny Weissmuller starred in a series of films as Jungle Jim, a character first depicted in a comic strip by Alex Raymond (creator of Flash Gordon) and Don Moore. Weissmuller played a hunter with a deep knowledge of the native people of the area, its land and animals. Most often Jim faced off against evil and greedy scientists who were attempting to exploit the region, its people or resources for profit.Join Jungle Jim and his companions on this collection of five of his greatest adventures in this 3-disc DVD set:DISC 1: The Lost Tribe (1949) Pygmy Island (1950)DISC 2: Mark of the Gorilla (1950) Captive Girl (1950)DISC 3: Jungle Manhunt (1951)


Format: DVD
Genre: Action, Adventure
Rating: M
Release Date: 06 01 2021
Production Year: 1951
Run Time: 347
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Violence
Distributor: Umbrella Entertainment
Directors: William Berke, Lew Landers

Actors: Ann Savage, Buster Crabbe, Johnny Weissmuller, Myrna Dell, Sheila Ryan, Trudy Marshall

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