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Father, Dear Father Complete Series


Patrick Glover (Patrick Cargill), a writer of bestselling trashy thriller novels, finds himself bringing up his two irrepressible daughters, Karen (Ann Holloway) and Anna (Natasha Pyne), following his divorce from their mother, Barbara. Misunderstandings caused by the age and gender gap become a daily occurance in the Glover household, as dolly-birds Anna and Karen get up to all kinds of mischief much to the consternation of their father. Holding it all together is the put-upon housekeeper, Matilda Nanny Harris (Noel Dyson Coronation Street) and the familys St Bernard dog, H. G. Wells. Written by screenwriting legends Brian Cooke (Man About the House) and Johnnie Mortimer (Never the Twain) and directed by William G. Stewart (Bless This House), Father, Dear Father ran for an impressive seven series between 1968 and 1973, and all 45 episodes are included in this complete-series set.


Format: DVD
Genre: Comedy
Rating: PG
Release Date: 21 10 2020
Production Year: 1968
Run Time: 1034
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Infrequent Coarse Language And Violence| Infrequent Drug References| Mild Themes And Sexual References
Distributor: Madman Entertainment
Directors: William G. Stewart

Actors: Patrick Cargill, Ann Holloway, Noel Dyson, Natasha Pyne, Sally Bazely, Jane Bough, Michael Segal, Thorley Walters, Peter Bathurst, Monique Bryant, Carol Cleveland, Bill Fraser, Diana McNaughton, Lane Meddick, Georgina Payne, Ewan Roberts, Paddy Glynn, Mervyn Pascoe

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