Glen Innes NSW, Collateral, Movie, Drama, DVD

"Tonight everything is changing..."

Vincent (Tom Cruise) is a cool, calculating contract killer at the top of his game. Max (Jamie Foxx) is a cabbie with big dreams and no results. On this fateful night, Max has to transport Vincent on his next job one night, five stops, five hits and a getaway. Thrown together, their lives in collision neither man will ever be the same again.


Format: DVD
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Rating: MA15+
Release Date: 03 06 2020
Production Year: 2004
Distributor: 115
Languages: English, Italian, Spanish
Rating Advice: Strong Violence
Distributor: All Interactive Distribution
Directors: Michael Mann

Actors: Tom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, Jada Pinkett Smith, Mark Ruffalo, Peter Berg, Bruce McGill, Irma P. Hall, Barry Shabaka Henley, Richard T. Jones, Klea Scott, Bodhi Elfman, Debi Mazar, Javier Bardem, Emilio Rivera, Jamie McBride

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