Glen Innes NSW,Blacklight,Movie,Action/Adventure,DVD


"They're gonna need more men."

A troubled off-the-books fixer for the FBI Travis Block (Liam Neeson), tasked with pulling undercover agents out of dangerous situations, finds himself in the middle of a deadly conspiracy when an undercover agent starts questioning the very people hes working for. Block, must not only track down the agent, but also find out the truth. A truth that may strain even his questionable moral code.


Format: DVD
Genre: Action
Rating: M
Release Date: 18 05 2022
Production Year: 2022
Run Time: 104
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Mature Themes And Violence
Distributor: Roadshow Home Entertainment
Directors: Mark Williams

Actors: Liam Neeson, Aidan Quinn, Taylor John Smith, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Claire van der Boom, Yael Stone, Andrew Shaw, Zac Lemons, Gabriella Sengos, Tim Draxl, Georgia Flood, Caroline Brazier, Mel Jarnson, Sunny S. Walia, Linc Hasler, Anthony J. Sharpe, Cam Faull, Jasper Bagg, Joe Petruzzi, Todd Levi, Alex Cooke, Damien Bodie, Andriana Williams, Yesse Spence, Anita Torrance, Irene Chen, Luka Sero, Dailin Gabrielle, Rodney Miller, Clara Helms, Ari, Louise Child, Yanina Clifton, Amelia Forsyth-Smith, Michael M. Foster, Kameron Hood, John Kelly, Charles Olsen, NF Ravi, Michael Slater, Leigh Taafe, Chris Weir

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