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Space-Time Dreamtime:The Four-Dimensional Music Of Lori Vambe | 2Lp

2 LPs in 3mm spine sleeves, housed in a slipcase w/ 4 page booklet . Occasionally, you find music outside the commercial mainstream, outside of everything the music of visionaries, eccentrics, inventors, loners, the keepers of secrets, the path-finders. Moondog, Daphne Oram, Harry Partch are from this mould. And so too is Lori Vambe. New on Strut, the first ever reissue of Vambes privately pressed original albums from 1982, Drumland Dreamland and Drumgita Solo. A self-taught drummer, inventor, and sonic experimentalist, Lori Vambe is a unique figure in British music. Creator of his own instrument, the drumgita (pronounced drum-guitar) or string-drum, Vambe intended to create a kind of music that had never been made in order to pursue access to the fourth dimension.



Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Lori Vambe
Release Date: 29 September 2023
Genre: Special Interest / Miscellaneous
Label: Strut Records
Distributor: MGM Music

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