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Mechanical Fiction

As we all know, in progressive music there is a fine line between instrumental proficiency and bare ass wanking. The art of remaining tasteful while performing crazy acrobatics on your instruments is hard to master, but on their third full-length album Mechanical Fiction, St. Louis-based progressive metal outfit THE GORGE master the challenge with ease. Born from their shared love for heavy music and 20 years of experience in playing together, THE GORGE consists of four jazz musicians who use the project as a creative outlet besides their day jobs as session musicians and music educators. Triangulating the chaotic yet groovy energy and the guitar masterclass of Botch with the riffage of Mastodon and the nimble instrumental intricacy of Animals as Leaders or Intronaut, Mechanical Fiction is an immensely ear-pleasing collection of tasty riffs and complex compositions that are nonetheless free-flowing like a river smoothly carving its winding path through a rugged landscape. Straddling a wide range of musical influences, Mechanical Fiction is an affair between four lovers of complex and heavy music. From the dazzling math rock complexities of album opener Synapse Misfire to the tapping acrobatics of A Decision Was Made , the whole of Mechanical Fiction exudes the pure joy these musicians must have felt while composing these tracks. Just following along the fast-chugging mid-section of Beneath The Crust which leads to the beautiful surprise of a glorious choir hailing the s


1~1~Synapse Misfre
1~2~Remnants Of Grief
1~4~Beneath The Crust
2~1~A Decision Was Made
2~2~Earthly Decay
2~3~Mechanical Fiction


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Gorge, The
Release Date: 04 August 2023
Genre: Special Interest / Miscellaneous
Distributor: Rocket Group

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