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Grandia II - Memorial Soundtrack


1~1~Memory Of The Gods
1~2~Opening Act
1~3~Carbo Village - Pious Believers
1~4~A Deus
1~5~That Which Lurks In The Darkness [1]
1~6~Garmia Tower
1~7~Dangerous Zone
1~8~Fight!! Ver.1
1~9~You Won't Be Able To Kill Me Just Like That!
1~10~Come On, Let's Travel
1~11~Agear Town - Cursed Land
1~12~That Which Lurks In The Darkness [2]
1~13~Commercial City Of Liligue - Pretense Of Prosperity
1~14~The Broken Seal
1~15~Purification Of Darkness - Battle With The Parts
1~16~Nightmare Village Mirumu - A Good, Unknown Anxiety
1~17~The Garden Of Dreams - Mysterious Girl
1~18~Fight!! Ver.2
1~19~St. Heim Papal State - Pious Believers
1~20~Having Dinner...
1~21~Granas Sanctuary
2~1~Memory Of The Gods (Full Version)
2~2~Cyrum Kingdom - Prosperity And Freedom
2~3~Live! Live!! Live!!!
2~4~Cyrum Castle
2~5~Cyrum Kingdom Announcement - March
2~6~Romance At A Windy Isle
2~7~Valmar's Moon
2~8~Have Faith In Yourself
2~9~Root Of Evil Destruction
2~10~Fight!! Ver.3 - Middle Boss Battle
2~11~Heh, They Didn't Even Get To Fight Back!
2~12~Skye's Reminiscence
2~13~Nanan Village - Placid Nature
2~14~Traditional Song - The Villager's Chorus
2~15~Despair And Hope
2~16~That Which Lurks In The Darkness [Mix Version]
2~19~The Mythical World
2~21~A Farewell, And Decision
2~22~Ryudo Awakens - Prayers Of The People
2~23~Fight!! Ver.4 - The Final Battle
2~24~Can O Do Povo


Format: CD
Artist: Iwadare, Noriyuki
Release Date: 29 September 2023
Genre: Soundtracks
Distributor: Rocket Group

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