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Last Stand | Boxset : 40th Anniversary Edition

'Last Stand' was a tour that kicked off on September 20, 1983, with a whopping 28 dates, selling over 100,000 tickets. The tour reached its peak with a five-night extravaganza at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. This epic moment was captured over two nights on December 13th and 15th and later released as a live album and documentary film. 'Last Stand' has become an iconic part of Cold Chisel's legacy, celebrated by both fans and critics alike. It marked a significant moment in the band's career as their final tour before calling it quits in 1984. The film, released the same year as their break up, received high praise for its production values, killer sound and a focus on showcasing the band's electrifying performance without any unnecessary fluff.



Format: Vinyl
Artist: Cold Chisel
Release Date: 17 November 2023
Genre: Rock
Distributor: Universal Music

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