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Bark At The Moon | Rsd Essential - Translucent Cobbalt Blue

Bark At The Moon, the 3rd studio album from Ozzy Osbourne, turns 40 this year. To celebrate, we are releasing a Record Store Day Essentials edition of the record on translucent cobalt blue. 40th anniversary edition of Ozzy Osbourne’s classic third studio album Bark At The Moon on translucent cobalt blue vinyl – includes bonus poster.


1~1~Bark At The Moon
1~2~You’Re No Different
1~3~Now You See It (Now You Don’T)
1~4~Rock ‘N’ Roll Rebel
1~5~Centre Of Eternity
1~6~So Tired
1~7~Slow Down
1~8~Waiting For Darkness
2~1~Bark At The Moon
2~2~You’Re No Different
2~3~Now You See It (Now You Don’T)
2~4~Rock ‘N’ Roll Rebel
2~5~Centre Of Eternity
2~6~So Tired
2~7~Slow Down
2~8~Waiting For Darkness


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Ozzy Osbourne
Release Date: 17 November 2023
Genre: Rock
Distributor: Sony Music

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