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Back To Moon Beach | Colour 1Lp / Indie Accounts

Back to Moon Beach is an EP by no one’s definition but Kurt Vile’s. For Kurt, this collection is an expression of just how deep his well of non-album material runs. The standard edition includes six tracks culled from various sessions over the last four years, representing a wide swath of the inspirational musical community Kurt surrounds himself with


1~1~Another Good Year For The Roses
1~2~Touched Somethin (Caught A Virus)
1~3~Back To Moon Beach
1~4~Like A Wounded Bird Trying To Fly
1~5~Blues Come For Some
1~6~Tom Petty’S Gone (But Tell Him I Asked For Him)


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Kurt Vile
Release Date: 17 November 2023
Genre: Rock
Distributor: Universal Music

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