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Nattyinnababylon Dub / Du

Tracklisting A Side NATTY?INNA?BABYLON DUB A rare dub cut to Natty Dread Ah No Mickey Mouse which was itself a cut to Natty Dread wont Get a Witness, over the classic Bangarang Rhythm. B Side 1, DUB?FEELING Last but not least again recorded back in 1969, we have a lost cut to Slim Smiths This Feeling. Featuring a more attacking intro than its more commonly known version 2, ITS A?DUBBING?LIE This is an alternative unreleased cut to Ernest Wilsons Its No Lie recorded way back in 1969....still sounds good.



Format: Vinyl 10"
Artist: Randy's Vintage Dub Selection
Release Date: 14 July 2023
Genre: Reggae
Label: Jamaican Recordings
Distributor: MGM Music

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