Glen Innes NSW, Justice League - Crisis on Infinite Earths, TV, Action/Adventure, Blu Ray

Justice League - Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 2


An endless army of shadow demons bent on the destruction of all reality swarms over our world and all parallel Earths! The only thing opposing them is the mightiest team of metahumans ever assembled. But not even the combined power of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and all their fellow superheroes can slow down the onslaught of this invincible horde. What mysterious force is driving them? And how do the long-buried secrets of the Monitor and Supergirl threaten to crush our last defense?


Format: Blu Ray
Genre: Action, Adventure
Rating: M
Release Date: 24 04 2024
Production Year: 2024
Distributor: 0
Languages: English
Rating Advice: Animated Violence
Distributor: Roadshow Home Entertainment
Directors: Jeff Wamester

Actors: Matt Bomer, Jensen Ackles, Darren Criss, Meg Donnelly, Stana Katic, Jimmi Simpson, Zachary Quinto

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