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Only One Mode

To catch everyone up: Australian hardcore band SPEED is putting their foot down on the world. For hardcore kids from Sydney, which is where SPEED’s from and what they represent, this is a first. Everyone in the band has been going to shows for years—”real moshers,” always up front, dancing. - This is what they’re about: Hardcore, played hard, played fast, “for us, by us” - explicit, immediate, definitive - hinting at all the crucial bands that have come before them. - Their new debut full length, ONLY ONE MODE, exemplifies their growth and distillation. - It’s a concept album in one sense: a manual that explains, directly, SPEED’s beliefs, the five guys’ personalities, what they bring to the table, what’s special about their scene.


1~1~Real Life Love
1~2~Dont Need
1~3~No Love But For Our Own
1~4~Only Foes
1~5~The First Test
1~6~Kill Cap
1~7~Send Them 2 Sydney
1~8~Shut It Down
1~9~I Mean It
1~10~Caught In A Craze


Catalogue Number: LRR58CD
Format: CD
Artist: Speed
Release Date: 12 July 2024
Genre: Punk
Label: Ada Global
Distributor: Inertia Music

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