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Jebediah’s sixth album, OIKS, isn’t necessarily the return of Jebediah, who have been consistently active in the time since their last record, but rather, a snapshot of where the band find themselves in the current era. OIKS was born out of experimentation while in the studio with longtime collaborator – and honorary fifth band member – Dave Parkin (Red Jezebel, Spacey Jane). The result is an album which sees Jebediah feeling content with who they are as artists – not attempting to create the energetic hype of 1997 debut Slightly Odway, but crafting a release which feels representative of modern-day Jebediah.


1~1~Bad For You
1~2~Gum Up The Bearings
1~4~Don’T Stop
1~7~April Slumber
1~8~The Slip
1~9~Okay, You Win
1~10~Start Again
1~11~Aqua - Lung


Format: Vinyl LP
Artist: Jebediah
Release Date: 12 April 2024
Genre: Rock
Distributor: Sony Music

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