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King Of A Land

'King of a Land' is a deeply meaningful and moving self-portrait by one of popular music's most enduring and beloved songwriters. Unique and transportive, Yusuf's new music, words and melodies paint a vivid picture of a world where childlike dreams are brought back into touching distance.


1~1~Train On A Hill
1~2~King Of A Land
1~3~Pagan Run
1~4~He Is True
1~5~All Nights, All Days
1~6~Another Night In The Rain
1~7~Son Of Mary
1~9~The Boy Who Knew How To Climb Walls
1~10~How Good It Feels
1~11~Take The World Apart
2~1~Train On A Hill
2~2~King Of A Land
2~3~Pagan Run
2~4~He Is True
2~5~All Nights, All Days
2~6~Another Night In The Rain
2~7~Son Of Mary
2~9~The Boy Who Knew How To Climb Walls
2~10~How Good It Feels
2~11~Take The World Apart


Format: CD
Artist: Yusuf, Cat Stevens
Release Date: 05 April 2024
Genre: Pop
Label: BMG Rights Management
Distributor: Inertia Music

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