The FP Collection


It all started when two rival gangs feuded for control of rural wasteland Frazier Park (The FP), the deadly arena of competitive dance-fight video game Beat-Beat Revelation. Hero JTRO (Jason Trost) rose to the challenge to ensure that order was restored and that the alcohol, and the ducks, could return. But a hero's journey is never done, and JTRO must again and again rise up and journey his way through The Wastes, for love, and saving his peeps from turning stone cold sober 4EVZ! ARE YOU READY FOR THE BEAT-OFF?


Format: Blu Ray
Genre: Action, Action Comedy
Rating: MA15+
Release Date: 06 12 2023
Production Year: 2011
Distributor: 315
Directors: English
Rating Advice: Crude Sexual Humour| Strong Coarse Language
Distributor: Umbrella Entertainment
Directors: Brandon Trost, Jason Trost

Actors: Jason Trost, Lee Valmassy, Caitlyn Folley, Art Hsu, Nick Principe, James DeBello, Bryan Goddard, Brandon Barrera, Michael Sandow, Rachel Robinson, Natalie Minx, Clifton Collins Jr., Blayne Weaver, James Remar, Sean Whalen, Dylan Keenberg, Dov Tiefenbach, Jeff Howell, Kyle Valmassy, Dash Mihok

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