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The Essential Redgum


1~1~Poor Ned
1~2~Servin Usa
1~3~Killing Floor
1~4~Beaumont Rag
1~5~One More Boring Night In Adelaide
1~6~Carrington Cabaret
1~7~H.M.A.S. Australia
1~10~It Doesn't Matter To Me
1~11~Virgin Ground
1~12~Domination Quickstep
1~14~Nuclear Cop
1~15~Long Run
1~16~100 Years On
1~17~Brown Rice And Kerosine
1~18~Lear Jets Over Kulgera
1~19~The Last Frontier3
1~20~Where Ya Gonna Run To
1~21~Caught In The Act
1~22~Yarralumla Wine
1~23~The Federal Two-Ring Circus
1~24~Working Girls
1~26~The Diamantina Drover
1~27~I Was Only 19 (A Walk In The Light Green)
1~28~I've Been To Bali To
1~30~Friday Night
1~31~Spirit Of The Land
1~32~Gladstone Pier
1~33~Still Life
1~34~Just Another Moment On Your Own
1~35~The Drover's Dog
1~36~Running With The Hurricane
1~37~When Your Luck Ran Out
1~38~Blood Upon The Rain


Format: CD
Artist: Redgum
Release Date: 02 August 2019
Genre: Country
Distributor: Sony Music

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